Tea Break Tuesday: Viva Forever!

January 22, 2013

It’s Tea-Break Tuesday Time! This week our PR Manager Fleur gives us her review of the newest and spiciest musical in London;

“Friday night was a trip to Piccadilly’s Denman Street for Viva Forever! – the Spice Girls musical that has been attracting some mixed reviews since its launch late last year (yes, the one where VB tried to ignore the rest of the Spices and steal the limelight as per usual!)

We were late for the first 20 minutes and had to wait in the foyer thanks to unreliable London Transport. Once we were ushered in there was an explosion of glitter and lighting as the second scene launched into the faux set of an imagined version of X Factor. So far, so not impressed, but by the second half we’d had our fill of Spice hits, the ‘Mama/Goodbye’ medley being the highlight and we were ready to do the dance jumping around in our chairs to STOP (refesh your memory here).

Two hours of a light-hearted plot, sparkly costumes, terrible one liners and Spice Girls classics left us feeling nostalgic, enlightened and amused to see the lights come up and reveal some women that were probably regretting attending with their girlfriends dressed as the Spices circa 2000, especially knowing they would empty onto the Piccadilly streets in the dark afterwards to gathering crowds looking for a laugh at their expense!”

To sum up – she loved it and now we’ve all booked a ticket to spice up our lives very soon!

Have you seen Viva Forever – do you think the harsh reviews are fair?

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