Valentine’s Dream Date – Rooftop Cinema

January 23, 2013

We may be quick off the mark here but love it or hate it, Valentine’s day is on the horizon, so we thought we would give you a few date ideas, things that we would love to do!

Kensington Roof Gardens are reopening their exclusive rooftop film club. The two films showing on Thursday February 14 are the 1989 romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, and the beautiful black and white 1942 classic, Casablanca. The viewings take place amongst picturesque, themed scenery situated 100ft above Kensington High Street. While it’s winter, spectators will be seated in a tucked-away, heated marquee, so Little Black Dresses are a possibility, though perhaps take a jacket!

The films are very different, When Harry Met Sally is the tale of whether a man (Billy Crystal) and woman (Meg Ryan) can just be friends; no strings attached. The script is intelligent, insightful, somewhat quirky, heart-warmingly realistic and very loveable.

Casablanca, winner of the Best Picture Oscar in 1943, stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart – two huge pin-ups of that era – as lovers trapped in the predicament of World War II. Despite being 70 years old, the amorous drama is still gripping, richly textured and tear-jerking.

This experience is idealistic for cinema pedants, romanticists and lovers of the unconventional. Tickets can be bought for £25 here and include a glass of champagne or Peroni, a snack from the barbeque and entry to the glamorous Roof Gardens Club (dress code: No Effort, No Entry), where you can dance the night away together. Get your tickets in advance; they will sell like hot-cakes, there’s only a few left!

By Izzy Stocks.

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