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April 8, 2013


    Vintage hunting with Yumi

    April 8, 2013



    With events like the Frock Me Vintage Fashion Fair in Chelsea not to be missed, this weekend the Yumi team went on a vintage hunting frenzy! Grabbing bargains from as little as £1 is easy if you know where to look, and how to haggle for that matter! But it wasn’t just the halls of Chelsea Town Hall which were rammed with vintage fashion lovers this weekend. Deals were also to be had at Judy’s Vinatge fair at Spitalfields Market and at The Stylist’s Rail, a monthly wardrobe sale held in Stoke Newington.

    As a brand which has an enduring love affair for all things vintage, we thought it only fair that we share with you some of our favourite vintage stores, shopping haunts and now not so secret market finds!

    Images from Spitalfields Vintage fair and Rokit's Brick Lane store


    1. Frock Me! This Vinatge Fashion Fair takes place around once a month at Chelsea Town Hall. Admission is £4 and you can take advantage of ther charming Tea Rooms on your visit.

    2. Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. Set in the Old Spitalfields Market, 160 specialist traders set up shop every first Saturday of the month.

    3. Annie’s. Kate Moss is a customer of this vintage costume and textiles shop in Camden.

    4. Strut. This up-scale boutique is tempting mix of old and new designers and looks more modern than your average vintage store making it an instant must-visit!

    5. Rellik. If you want the top designer brands from fashion history, trendy Rellik in Notting Hill is the place for you. If your bank account doesn’t stretch that far try Rokit just down the road.

    6. Blue Rinse. With stores in Manchester and Leeds, Blue Rinse is one of the top vintage destinations in the north and carries clothing and accessories for women and men.

    7. Retro Woman. This boutique in Notting Hill is a cross between a vintage emporium and a pawn shop so you can expect to see pieces from every era under one roof.

    8. Blitz London. On the same scale as a small department store, Blitz also sells antique furniture, records and books!

    9. Beyond Retro. Beyond Retro may not be a secret anymore with stores in London, and in Brighton and Sweden but its still worth a rummage!

    10. Omaya Vintage. One for if you are on your holiday, this boutique is Paris’s worst kept secret.