Tea Break Tuesday: Lois Lane Stylefile

June 18, 2013



Amy Adams is the latest actress to portray legendary comic book character, Lois Lane in the new Superman film Man Of Steel. On today’s Tea Break Tuesday we take a look back at the changing faces, and outfits, of the Daily Planet’s star reporter.

Margot Kidder was the first actress to play Lois Lane in a full length feature film back in the 70’s and 80’s. She starred in four films opposite Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Actress Teri Hatcher was the next to play her on the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, starting in 1993. Whilst also showing a sexier side to Lois with her trademark black pop and power suits, her character was often put into damsel in distress sequences to the annoyance of Superman.

Following this was Kate Bosworth in the 2006 film Superman Returns. This was the first time Lois showed a maternal side as a mother to Superman’s secret child. Bosworth’s blonde hair was turned a mousy brown, and added to the no make-up look and brown suits this was the start of turning Lois into a serious reporter – rather than just Superman’s love interest.

Lois Lane subsequently popped up on the small screen in American TV series Smallville played by Erica Durance. The show was the first to show a young Lois and explored her change from rebellious teenager to investigative reporter – featuring every outfit change in-between.

Last but not least Amy Adams plays a tough as nails Lois Lane who won’t be fooled by a pair a glasses in the quest to find her man! Pencil skirts and waist-coats are the order of the day, much like Bosworth’s wardrobe, but she also gets to wear a flight suit when helping Superman save the earth!

At Yumi HQ we have a fondness for Teri Hatcher bu who’s your favourite Lois Lane?

Margot Kidder played her first

Terri Hatcher gave her a sexy spin

Kate Bosworth in the 2006 film Superman Returns

Erica Durance in Smallville


Amy Adams as Lois Lane



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