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July 18, 2013

    Festival Guide Journal

    Festival Packing Checklist

    July 18, 2013



    For those lucky enough to be heading to Latitude or LoveBox festivals this weekend we’ve compiled the ultimate packing checklist, just print out and tick off as you go.

    1. Don’t forget the essentials like your Ticket. It sounds obvious but in the packing mayhem you may get half way on the train only to realize you’ve left your ticket on your bedside table.

    2. Your tent and sleeping bag are other essentials. There are a number of options but we love printed & bright styles you’ll be able to easily spot in the field.

    3. A festival phone. Expensive smart phones are a no-no for festivals, not to mention the battery will drain twice as fast.

    4. The weekend weather forecast is looking pretty good (25 – 28 degrees each day so don’t forget to take suncream and plenty of it!

    5. Baby Wipes / Face Wipes / Antibacterial hand gel. God bless whoever first thought these up!

    6. A bum bag. They may have gone out of fashion in the 90’s but they remain a festival classic for a reason. Store all your essentials around your waist leaving your hands free for drinks, dancing and lighter-holding-whilst-swaying along to your favourite song.

    7. Dry Shampoo and a hat. Dry shampoo is a festival god-send and when that can’t help any further hide your hair under a big hat which will have the added benefit of shading your head and avoiding nasty problems like burnt ears and sunstroke.

    8. Glitter, flowers and jewellery you can adorn yourself with to further detract from your unwashed hair! As an alternative why not fashion one of our light-weight printed scarves into a oh-so-chic headscarf.

    9. Plenty of water. Failing that invest in some Dioralyte sachets, get them from Boots for a quick way to rehydrate.

    10. Moisturizer and lip balm. The heat, combined with lack of water, sleep and non-stop singing along will dry out your face and lips faster than you realize. Apply at night to feel refreshed the next day.