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August 8, 2013


    The O.C. is 10 Years Old!

    August 8, 2013

    Ready to feel old? Well the hit TV show that saw us throw a huge part of our teenage years is now 10 years old! To celebrate we’re sharing our top 10 moments. Sit back and enjoy!

    1. ‘Welcome to the O.C’


    2. When Seth and Summer have THAT kiss.


    3. When Marissa overdoses in Tijuana.


    4. When Julie and Luke have an affair.


    5. When Marissa shoots Trey.


    6. When Sandy sings to Kirsten on their anniversary.


    7. The New Years Eve countdown.


    8. When Seth became a player.


    9. When Luke sang along to Rooney.


    10. When Marissa died.

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    Ten Things We Love

    1. Summer 2. Neon Nails 3. Miley 4. Letting Loose 5. London 6. Puppies 7. Summer Salads 8. The White Queen 9. Ryan 10. Pool Parties…

    August 8, 2013