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San Sebastián: Our New Season Inspiration

February 15, 2019
San Sebastian Coast

‘No borders. No barriers. Just people’.

Here at Yumi, we’re strong advocates for culture clash fashion for the global native. This means we take delight in projecting our passion for travel, creativity and eclectic style into our work; it’s our way of putting our stamp on the world. We’re constantly researching new heritages and exciting motifs from around the globe that aid us in crafting exclusive designs. What’s more, we’re proud to share them with you.

With all this considered, it comes naturally to reveal to you one of our key inspirations for the season. Located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and twelve miles from the French border lies San Sebastián. Ranging from the surfing fanatical locals to the vast mountainous location, this hidden Basque Country town is alive with colour and thriving in culture. With a cool continental climate throughout the year, it’s the perfect origin for our transitional inspiration.

Let us tell you more…


Often referred to as the European Capital of Culture, San Sebastián has a dynamic and artistic energy that’s unlike the southern Spanish coast. With two historic cathedrals overlooking the town and plenty of modern buildings, the collision of traditional and contemporary structures is hard to ignore. Yet, when stepping into the old town, the hustle and bustle is lost.

The clash of old and new encompasses our inspiration and our brand expression. With a focus on mixed prints this season, it’s no wonder why we chose San Sebastián as our muse.

So, if you choose to visit, make sure to check out the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus: the towering spires are majestically elegant.


San Sebastian Buildings

San Sebastian Architecture


With an overarching fusion of Spanish and French influences, the food in San Sebastián is no different. Unsurprisingly, seafood and fine cuisine are in abundance. Whereas, in high season, the queuing tourists are only waiting for one thing…pinxtos. Made up of tapas-like bites, pinxtos dishes are different from their Southern sister because they can be served hot or cold: originality at its tastiest.

Since the residents of San Sebastián create unique dishes as well as their own language, it inspired our in-house designers to produce coastal prints.

P.S. If cider is your thing and you’re planning a trip then book a place on the Cider House private tour. Naturally fermented cider and vermouth are staples of San Sebastián because they are sourced locally. Plus, there’s a delicious lunch included too.


Pinxtos San Sebastian

San Sebastian Pinxtos



Home to a history of vibrant nightlife, the buzzing streets of San Sebastián are teeming with a diverse range of melodies. The venues open in the early evening and don’t close until the next day. And a musical favourite of the locals is jazz. They introduced a festival dedicated to the genre over fourty years ago. Nothing says jazz like a live swing band, right?

Moreover, the animated vibe of the town and joyous celebrations are translated into our prints; our blend of colours and quirky patterns are inspired by the town’s sensory feel.

Finally, when you arrive, make sure to visit Le Bukowski. As one of the oldest digs in town, it hosts a variety of musicians who play rock, fun and soul.

San Sebastian Coast

San Sebastian Night

Styling San Sebastián 

If you’re feeling inspired by San San Sebastián, then check our collection. From floral dresses to botanical designs, there’s a piece of the Spain for everyone. To help with styling, we’ve created a video of our favourite pieces from the range and how to wear them. Hint: wrap dresses and jumpsuits are in. Enjoy!

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