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Cadaqués: Our New Inspiration

March 21, 2019
Old town Cadaques

Earlier this year we showed you our inspiration for the first in-house designed collection of the season: San Sebastián. We loved the vibrant atmosphere, coastal setting and unspoilt scenery that this Basque paradise gave us – so much so, we put it in our prints. But, for our second range, we have a new Spanish muse.

It’s time to say adiós to the north coast of Spain and head for the Catalonian seaside. Surrounded by a national park, the small town of Cadaqués is well-known for its glorious beaches, white-washed houses and piercing blue sea. Every summer it pulls in a celebrity crowd, who are unsurprisingly there to experience the energetic Catalonian lifestyle.

Captivated yet? Let’s delve deeper.


A haven for painters and art fanatics, Cadaqués was renowned as the home of Salvador Dalí – his house is found in the neighbouring Port Lligat, where he lived and worked for five decades. Before his passing, he attached enormous ornamental eggs to his roof. So, if you’re unable to explore inside you can still experience spot some of his work. Remember: tickets sell out quickly in high season.

Or, visit the Teatre-Museu Dalí in Figueres. In-keeping with the egg theme, this egg topped theatre and museum has a maze layout and numerous exhibits of his finest work. Each room has a surrealist and shrine-like style – one even holds his crypt!

P.S. Dalí was the inspiration for some of the new prints in our collection.

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dalí Museum


Since Cadaqués has a Mediterranean coastline, most of the food found there is sourced from the sea. In high season, seafood lovers and pasta enthusiasts flock to local restaurants, hoping to eat the first catch of the day. El Barroco, a Lebanese restaurant famous for its upmarket mezes, tantalizing sea bass and rustic terrace, lies near the centre of town. Dalí was known to visit this eatery frequently over the many years he spent in Cadaqués. Check out the sign – he created it!

Additionally, chilled foods are a huge part of Catalonian life. Made from raw and blended vegetables, Gazpacho is a soup that’s served cold and cherished by locals. Although it may sound unusual to out-of-towners, it’s a must-have for adventurous tourists. There are also a multitude of bakeries that offer sweet treats and crusty bread.

The creativity of Dalí’s sign inspired the Yumi designers to think outside the box with the new collection.

Sea food shell

Sea food


The combination of Cuban architecture and quaint fishing ports gives Cadaqués its breath-taking landscape. Standing tall in the centre of the old town, the Eglesia de Santa Maria is distinct from the winding streets surrounding it. The Gothic interior is reason enough to visit, never mind the views from the top!

Over the years, modern buildings have sprung up along the promenade and overlook the small town. But, when you move closer to the old town, the towering structures disappear, and you find yourself surrounded by whitewashed houses and cobbled streets. It’s worth setting aside a day to get lost in the labyrinth of studios and bistros.

There’s also a grand private house that’s found in on the outskirts of town. It’s inaccessible to the public, except on the 20th of January, when the Festival of St. Sebastian commences. Traditional sardana dances are held and there’s an outdoor lunch as well! Be sure to visit as it’s deemed the life and soul of Cadaqués!

Furthermore, like Matisse, Magritte and other a Cadaqués-inspired artists, we also used the colours of the white buildings and deep-blue sea in our work.

Cadaqués Town Beach

Costa Brava Beach

So, whether you’re interested in art, or searching for a Mediterranean getaway, put Cadaqués to the top of your travel list.

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