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June 17, 2019

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    Broderie Anglaise: Our Favourite Design

    June 17, 2019
    Broderie Anglaise

    Summer trends come and go, but some are timeless. Since we’re waving goodbye to the spring showers and making a bee-line for our warmer wardrobe, it’s time to look for pieces that will secure themselves a permanent place there. So, to keep you cool (and chic) when the sun’s out, we’ve come up with a plan. Long gone are the days of stifling fabrics and short-lived styles, we’re giving your wardrobe a new lease of life by introducing you to broderie anglaise.

    Broderie, what?

    Broderie anglaise! It’s a combination of detailed embroidery, fine needlework and dainty cutwork – think floral shapes and oval eyelets. Popular in England since the 19th century – despite originating from France – it’s stood the test of time. It’s also got a huge celebrity audience too, with Kate Middleton being a firm supporter of broderie dresses.

    How We’ve Changed It

    As you know, our designers love all things retro, so they’ve not altered the original design dramatically. Although, moving the with times is a must, which means we’re seeing more subtle detail that brings the look into the 21st century.

    Here’s our broderie dress in all three shades for spring/summer:

    Classic White

    Broderie Anglaise Dress

    Ivory Broderie Anglaise Button Sundress

    Since white is the original colour of broderie anglaise, our designers have kept the authenticity and added this sundress to the collection. With refined buttons running down the centre, this sundress has practical pockets placed on the side. Minimal effort, maximum impact, right?

    British Blue

    Broderie Anglaise Sundress

    Blue Broderie Anglaise Button Sundress

    Sophistication is a must for wearing this elegant style, so pastel colours are out the window and deep hues are in. In the same design, the cotton fabric allows more breathability and movement. This summer dress is made for long summer evenings slurping ice-creams.

    Rosy Red

    Broderie Anglaise Dress

    Launching soon: Red Broderie Anglaise Button Sundress

    Embrace summer with open arms by selecting our red option. Notice the soft sweetheart neckline? That’s no accident – it’s was designed to add more vintage charm.

    For more dresses that’ll get in you in the summer spirit, shop here.