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How To Make A Rainbow Cake For Pride

June 28, 2019

Celebrating fifty years since the start of the LGBTQ+ freedom movement, Pride Month is well underway, ending on Sunday the 7th of July. So far this month, we’ve seen sixty marches across the globe, with millions of supporters and countless rainbows. And since this month is a biggy in the history of Pride, there’s really no excuse not to celebrate…

So, this year, why not try something new? For those who support the cause and have an addiction to sweet treats, then baking is the way forward. Fortunately, such things like the rainbow cake exist to satisfy both needs. With its delectable layers and mouth-watering frosting, give it a VIP pass to your oven this weekend!

Please follow this recipe:

Things You’ll Need:

(Remember to factor in the mixture you may eat beforehand. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone.)

·         125g of super-soft butter. Don’t forget the little bit extra that’s needed for all-important greasing.

·         150g of golden caster sugar

·         225g of plain flour

·         3 medium eggs (They need to be medium!)

·         A small pinch of salt

·         2 tsp of vanilla extract (one for the sponge, one for the icing)

·         Edible food colouring – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

·         3 tubs of 250g cream cheese – remember to not look up the calories after…

·         350g of icing sugar

What You’ll Need To Do:

1.       Make sure your oven is toasty – heat to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Then, start greasing your two sandwich tins (both 20cm) with baking paper. After, tip all the sponge ingredients (not the food colouring) into a mixing bowl. Mix it, beat it and try not to spill it, use an electric whisk until smooth.

2.       Weigh the mixture (in a separate bowl) and return half of the mixture back to the original container. Next, stir the food colourings into each mixture. Pour the batter into the tins, using as much as you can, while also trying to keep it as even as possible. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes – use the same shelf for both tins!

3.       Carefully turn the cakes onto a rack to cool off. Wash the tins and start the process again! Begin on the other colours and repeat until you’ve completed the rainbow!

4.       Now it’s time to make the icing. Beat the vanilla and cream cheese together with an electric whisk – this shouldn’t take long. Delicately fold in the icing sugar but try not to work it too much.

5.       Apply a small bit of icing to stick the first sponge to your cake stand. Starting with the red sponge, sandwich each layer on top of the next – the icing acts as the glue. Spread the rest over the sides and the top and try to maintain a smooth surface.

Bonus: complete your bake with decorations. How about a 50 years cake topper?

And, if you’re looking to dress head-to-toe in colour for Pride, consult our stripe collection.

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