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January 7, 2020

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    Paris: Our Inspiration

    January 7, 2020

    Paris: the city of love, fashion and of course, food. Not only are we encapsulated by the welcoming feeling we get when we step foot in the French capital, but there’s an ineffable sense that you’ve arrived somewhere that’s fresh and promising. From the romance of the Eiffel Tower (despite its robotic structure) to the shabby-chic streets signs reassuring you you’re not too far from home, there’s plenty to see and even more to come back for.

    As you may or may not know, our first collection of the year is inspired by Paris. Our designers have focused on the quintessential qualities that make Paris, Paris and have not left any detail out. With this in mind, there’ll be no room for error when choosing your look from our range (wink, wink) as we’ve already thought through the nitty-gritty stuff.

    And to avoid getting lost in translation (or attempting your school level French), we’ve pieced together a list of things to see, places to go and what to wear when you decide to venture across the channel.

    What to wear

    crombie coat

    To do Paris like a weekend local is to visit as many cafés and patisseries as possible, as well as filing down to the Metro and speeding to all the boutique shops. So, to keep up with your hectic itinerary, you’ll need an outfit to get you through the day with no changes. Here’s your answer – this light knit, the Crombie coat and an easy pair of jeans. The jumper needs a little or no explanation after you take a glance at the slogan, whilst the stretchy jeans will move with every step up to Sacré Coeur. Semi-fitted and spring-esque, the jacket is the perfect transitional number that turns up at the cuff to reveal a sugary, pastel blue hue, bringing the entire look into 2020.

    Where to stay

    sacre coeur

    Just around the corner from here…

    If you want to be down with the kids and stay somewhere cool then firstly, don’t repeat what we just said and secondly, stay in Le Marais. A hot-spot of thriving shops and bustling crowds, it’s jam-packed with cafes, restaurants and things to do. It’s a big yes for distance too, as it’s only moments away from key tourist spots and transport.

    Or, for the romantics and luxury holidaymakers, head to Montmatre for beautiful views of the city (cue the ‘aww’).

    Where to eat

    cookie paris

    Yes to all of them.

    Finally, the focal point of your trip. Hoybelly is a must. Capturing French cuisine in totality, this sweet restaurant acclaimed for its petit dejeuners will make sure every morning starts just how you want it. Fancy something with more of a kick? Go down to Candelaria for Mexican food that’s local-approved and taco-tastic. And if you’re searching for something to hit the sweet spot, put Scoop Me a Cookie on your list for gooey cookies that are hands down the best dessert you’ll ever have…ever.

    Shop our new-in section now to see what else we have in store.