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These 9 Outfits Will Help You Wave Goodbye To The Seasonal Blues

March 5, 2020
spring wardrobe

Winterphobes, you can unravel from your duvet now – it’s time to defrost for spring. After a long three months of drizzle, March marks a change in our calendars. The weather seems – for the most part – warmer, plus it’s merely weeks until the clocks go back. And although we can’t head out without pulling on a scarf, the promise of spring is far closer than it’s been before.

But this doesn’t just mean good things for your health, outlook or heating bill, the glass is also (more than) half full for our wardrobe. We can finally start searching for the perfect spring wardrobe – perhaps even a few summer pieces too, or are we just getting carried away? You can even begin the treacherous journey down the light jacket route now you don’t have to lug it around everywhere you go. Tread carefully and try to avoid overthinking – yes, if you think it’s too thick, don’t buy it.

To kickstart your new season wardrobe, we’ve collated 9 of our most can’t-wait-until-it’s-light-in-the-evening pieces we could find.

A little frill

Plus Size Floral Frill Maxi Dress

If London Fashion Week has taught us anything this year, it’s that the colour of the season is ocean blue. So, there’s no surprises here that we’ve designed a dress in that exact shade. No special intel or anything. Promise.

Florals for spring

Mela Floral Sheer Maxi Dress

The arrival of March also means we can start experimenting wit hemlines again. Maxi dresses were left back in 2019 and it’s high time they made a comeback. And this floral dress is no exception. Oh, how we’ve missed the light fabrics.

Modern shapes

Ditsy Floral Skater Dress

Goodbye big fits and shapeless styles. Flowing cuts are on their way back and we must celebrate that. Meet this skater dress – with a self-tie waist if you’re not ready to give up that semi-fitted silhouette.

Spring shades

Mela Chrysanthemum Flower Maxi Dress

We told you maxis were back. In this case though, it also means you can start wearing more white – without worrying it’s going to get muddy. And did anyone mention the words ‘bare legs’ yet? Too soon?

Important moments

Mirrored Floral Jersey Dress

Though there’s no right way to start a season, sometimes it’s easier to pick pieces that will definitely have a purpose – weddings for example. And with gentle ruching that’s suited for all year round and a pretty floral print, this jersey dress is giving us every reason to bag an invite to a nuptial or two.

Update the classics

Denim Button Through Frill Skirt

Denim pieces are by far the most superior in any wardrobe, so transitioning without them is a big no-no. This time round, why not try something other than jeans? Dare to be bold and choose a midi skirt – maybe one with a peplum hem?

Summer trends

Mela Plus Size Wrap Midi Dress

The formula for the best summer dress goes as follows: bright + bold + all the florals.

Accessorize well

Rattan Shoulder Bag

Ok, you caught us, it’s not an outfit. But there’s something so dreamy and tantalizing about a rattan bag. Use it to dress down any look or to give it a retro edge.

Pleats to meet you

Butterfly Pleated Midi Dress

Is it a wrap? Is it a skater? The only way to find out is to wear it – somewhere fancy we’re hoping.

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