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How To Make Your Own Face Mask

June 18, 2020
face covering

Since it’s now compulsory to wear a face covering on public transport, face masks are in high demand. And while it may be a task finding a mask online, it only takes minutes to master that art of making one. So, if you still have an itching to get creative during lockdown or you fancy saving the pennies, DIY may be the perfect solution.

But wait, there’s even more good news – learning to make a face mask isn’t difficult. You don’t have to be an accomplished sewer to get a good result. Here, we outline how you can make a face covering with simple stitching and minimal time on a sewing machine. We’ve also added a few tips on what materials you can use from around the house, so you won’t need to head to a fabric shop if you’re low on supplies.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

face mask

Summer’s here, so why not choose a colourful fabric?

Cut your fabric into two rectangles (15.5cm width and 22cm length)

Top tip: use breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon or silk. Pillow cases are a good place to start when choosing fabrics from around the house.

Step 2


It’s sew easy to make…

Take both pieces and pinch them in the middle to create pleats. Turn them over and repeat three times. Then iron it over (this makes it easy to sew).

Step 3

face mask floral

Professional seamstress, here we come!

Put the good sides together (in this case, the floral sides of the fabric should be facing each other). Next, sew the two pieces together around the four sides, turning the presser foot on the corners as you go.

Note: you must leave a small gap.

Turn the mask inside out so that the stitching is hidden. Then, use white thread to sew the gap.

Step 4

face mask

Strap yourself in…

For the straps, cut your fabric (2cm width and 40cm length x 4) and fold it in the middle so there’s no raw edges. Iron to give it shape.

Step 5

face covering

We’re in stitches

After, turn the sewing machine to ‘criss-cross’ stitch and begin to sew, ensuring you back stick to secure the end.

Step 6

face mask

The finished piece

Now it’s time to attach the straps to the mask. Sew the straps on the back on the mask – two on each side. Use the ‘straight’ stitch, and secure by backstitching the ends a few times.

Note: please remember this a non-medical face mask and not PPE. Be sure to wash your hands before and after taking it off.

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