Yumi Style Guide: Plus-Size Wedding Guest Outfits

September 10, 2021

When it comes to special occasions, there’s nothing that’s quite like a wedding. Many people would agree that the experience of watching a loved one get married to their other half is one of the best there is, and not to mention the celebrations that ensue afterwards! It’s a chance to get dressed up in a beautiful new ensemble and feel at your very best, however it can often be a challenge to find the perfect wedding guest dress for you in time for the wedding season. For plus-size women, there can often be a limited selection of dresses to choose from which makes it difficult to find a piece that is elegant, comfortable and flattering at the same time.


Here at Yumi, we pride ourselves on being able to offer gorgeous, on-trend dresses to customers of many different sizes, which is why we’ve put together a useful wedding guest style guide for plus-size women who might be unsure of which style to wear for that upcoming wedding ceremony. In this guide, we talk about our top tips for plus-size wedding style as well as our favourite silhouettes that are guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing on the day your loved ones tie the knot.

Dressing Comfortably

Whether you go for a midi dress, maxi dress, suit or even a jumpsuit, it’s so important to make sure that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, as comfort really is key! If the upcoming nuptials are an all-day affair, you’ll be wearing your ensemble from the ceremony in the morning all the way through to the party in the evening, so it’s got to be suitable for sitting comfortably, eating and dancing the night away. Many wedding guest dresses on the market are often made with heavy, uncomfortable materials that are restrictive to wear, so we recommend opting for more breathable fabrics such as cotton, which is much more comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. You should also choose a cut and silhouette that works for your body and elevates your overall look.

Plus-Size Wedding Styles We Love

We have plenty of suggestions for plus-size wedding styles that look beautiful on a fuller figure, which we’re certain will help you to find the perfect one for that special day.


An excellent choice for a summer wedding, a halterneck dress or jumpsuit showcases a neckline that suits almost all body shapes. Drawing attention towards the shoulders and the bust, they make an ideal choice for those who wish to draw attention away from the lower body and provide a beautiful balance that is extremely flattering. For a dress, combining a halterneck with an a-line or straight cut can elevate an hourglass figure, as well as creating the illusion of one. Style your halterneck with an updo hairstyle along with a contrasting bag and pair of shoes for an elegant look that is sure to impress.


Off-shoulder dresses and jumpsuits instantly create a stunning, sophisticated aesthetic that is ideal for any wedding day. Featuring a wide neckline that can sit anywhere from just at or well below the shoulders, this style works well for a wide range of different body shapes while also flattering the neck area. The timeless


off-shoulder design looks beautiful with any length of dress as well as plain and patterned varieties, making it an excellent choice for any wedding day. Wear yours with a sleek pair of court shoes and an embellished clutch bag for a truly showstopping aesthetic.


Timeless and versatile, a wrap neckline creates a striking silhouette in both plus-size dresses and jumpsuits, providing a classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. Thanks to its waist-accentuating nature, this popular design is excellent at creating the illusion of an hourglass shape, so it is suitable for all body types. It features a tie-waist, so it can be adjusted to fit your shape, allowing for maximum comfort throughout the entire day. Whether you go for a flattering empire line or a sleek straight cut dress, they make a stunning plus-size wedding guest outfit.


Another important element of a great wedding guest outfit is, of course, accessories. Shoes, bags and jewellery all play a part in building a beautiful wedding outfit that you’re sure to be reaching for again and again. For a wedding day, a block heel, wedge or even flats make the perfect choice when it comes to your footwear, as they are comfortable and provide an excellent amount of support to your feet throughout the day. When choosing a bag, be sure to go for a small variety that will fit all of your essentials, as these are much easier to carry during an event than a full-sized handbag. Use gold or silver jewellery to finish off your look and elevate your chosen outfit.

At Yumi, we offer an excellent selection of gorgeous plus-size dresses and jumpsuits which are perfect for a wedding, whatever the dress code. Browse an array of different styles by taking a look at our complete collection today.

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