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November 8, 2012


    We Love V Magazine’s New Cover!

    November 8, 2012

    This cover for the new issue of V magazine works on so many levels, which is why we love it! Firstly, it’s so unique. It is not often you see an actress in the shower as the front cover of a mag. Scarlett Johansson is brilliantly paying homage to one of the most famous scenes in movie history; the shower scene from Psycho.

    The reason? She is starring in the new film Hitchcock, playing Janet Leigh, the actress who was in the original shower scene. She is acting alongside Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren and the film is a biography of Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock focusing on the time in his life when he made the aforementioned film.

    The final way this cover works, is that the title of the magazine is formed from the shower curtain. Yes, it all comes together so well. We love.

    And here is the Hitchcock trailer. We can’t wait to see this movie! Will you be going to watch?