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December 16, 2012


    A Touch of Faux Fur

    December 16, 2012

    There’s no denying that, baby, it’s cold outside! Designers prepared for the potentially snowy season by adorning Winter pieces with subtle fur accents. Fur featured on practically anything and everything, creating warmth and texture that exuded understated glamour. At Nina Ricci (above right), Peter Copping worked a decorous fur stole into his collection of fifties-tinged femininity, while Rodarte (below right) added an edge to elegant coats and dresses by lining collars and hems with the luxe material.

    A chic faux fur jacket is an effortless way to keep stylishly snug, as shown by actress Olivia Palermo (above left) and her Pringle piece of cosiness. Channel her en vogue evening look with our beige faux fur jacket. Miranda Kerr (above top left) completes her dressed-down yet perfectly polished outfit with her incredible deer-print Alexander Wang tote. She demonstrates that sometimes all it takes to create that wow-factor is a well-chosen accessory.

    I adore Miranda’s tote, and was so pleased to find that Yumi do the perfect replica: see their faux fur weekend bag! It’s Christmassy, cute and will add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble!