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May 6, 2015

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    Nepal Earthquake Appeal – A Thank You From Yumi

    May 6, 2015

    We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support offered by you lovely customers in our efforts to get vital aid and donations to those suffering in Nepal over the last week.

    In acknowledgement of our appreciation, Yumi founders, Uttam and Clare Nepal have written an open letter to everyone who’s so kindly donated and bought our pretty ‘Asha’ dress in the process:

    Dear All,

    Clare and I wanted to personally write to you to extend our heartfelt gratitude at the outpouring of overwhelming support extended to our appeal for support of the tragic victims of the Nepalese Earthquake.

    Many of you might know, or will have learned through this appeal, that I am myself of Nepalese origin and still have many of my family, relations and friends still in Nepal, and have been profoundly affected personally by this disaster.

    However, the sheer generosity and support extended through this appeal has given me the strength to pull together and be a part of directly supporting the relief effort.

    Since launching the appeal, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of donations sent to our warehouse. Both from individuals wanting to get involved, through to corporate donations of medicines, bandages, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and other essential supplies.

    We have been working hard, supported by volunteers from the local community, to reprocess and make ready deliveries to Nepal. A first batch of essential supplies will leave this week and the second lot of medicines, blankets, tents and other necessities  are ready to leave today destined for Nepal. The operation continues as we carry on processing and sorting the donations of clothing which will be made ready to send as part of the second wave of deliveries.

    Our intention is to get these essential supplies to some of the more remote and difficult to reach areas close to the epicentre.  Once on the ground, we have linked up with The Lions Club of Kathmandu who will take receipt of the supplies and ensure that they are distributed directly to those affected and most in need. We have also donated funds to support the distribution of basic food supplies, which The Lions Club are also supporting us with.

    All of this support is vital, but we also know that the rebuilding of the country will take years and great efforts to achieve. With this in mind we have set up the YUMI NEPAL EARTHQUAKE APPEAL (Registered charity 1161519). The objective of the charity is to provide the relief of financial need and suffering arising from the earthquake in Nepal. The charity is now registered and we are working through the final details which will allow us to launch the appeal and continue this essential work into the future. We hope that you will continue to support us with this effort.

    But for now, on behalf of Clare, myself and all the victims of the Nepal Earthquake we THANK YOU for your kind generosity! None of this could be achieved without the support of everyone playing their part.

    Here’s a few images of what’s been happening so far:


    First delivery of essential supplies leaving the warehouse bound for Nepal

    Nepal Earthquake Appeal

    Preparation and distribution of basic food supplies in Dhading District, supported by The Lions Club

    We’ll continue to update you on developments as they come.

    The Yumi Team x