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August 23, 2019

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    How To Do Bank Holiday On A Budget

    August 23, 2019
    Bank holiday

    In need of an entertaining bank holiday without splashing the cash? We know the feeling. With pay day a marathon of a week away and this being the final bank holiday before Christmas, you’d be forgiven for saving the pennies, whilst simultaneously fighting your inner thrill-seeker. But it doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles when it comes to having fun; there are simple ways to save and celebrate that extra lie-in.

    We’ve come up with a few ideas – most of them are free or super cheap.

    Al fresco dining

    bank holiday

    Keep calm and picnic on

    A simple and low-cost way of getting the family together, picnics and BBQs are always popular with bank accounts. And if you’re still strapped for cash, ask your guests to make something – suggest a cooking competition with a prize for the best dish.

    Much loved picnic picks:

    • Devil’s Dyke – West Sussex
    • Primrose Hill – London
    • Dyffryn Gardens – Cardiff

    Go for a walk

    bank holiday

    A walk a day keeps the vet away

    Even if you’re not a dedicated rambler, there’s still fun to be had in the great outdoors. It’s a fun and easy way of keeping fit – not to mention the fresh air benefits and the sense of adventure. First, research your route if you’re testing your trekking skills, or head to your local park for a light stroll and be sure to invite a furry friend along. Don’t forget your pedometer, comfortable footwear and a bottle of water.

    Here are few of our favourite walking spots:

    • Tatton Park – Cheshire
    • The Phoenix Trail – Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire
    • Hampstead Heath – London

    Drinks with a view

    bank holiday

    Panoramic views

    Over-indulgence is expected – no – a necessity of bank holidays. Plus, there’s a little extra time to recover from those late nights and heavy heads. “But what about saving money?”, we hear you say – well, luckily you can. Booking a table often helps, especially if you’re going with a large group and bars often offer a free fruity drink, so make sure you bag the best deal.

    Recommended cheap(er) roof-top bars:

    • Culpeper Roof Garden – London
    • Goodness Gracious – Liverpool
    • The Apple – Bristol

    Grab a book

    bank holiday

    A little reading is all the therapy someone needs sometimes.

    Since life can often absorb your free time, take a moment for yourself this bank holiday to sit back, relax and read. Other than being a major stress reducer, reading increases your vocabulary and knowledge and improves your memory. However, if you want a more authentic feel, take a trip to the book store and get lost inside for an hour or so.

    Suggestions for book worms:

    • ‘This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor’ – Adam Kay
    • ‘The Guilty Feminist’ – Deborah Frances-White
    • ‘Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults’ – Lucy Mangan