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    Our Sustainable Face Covering Charity Update

    November 24, 2020
    face covering

    Over the past six months, the philanthropists at Yumi have been working hard to raise money for our chosen charity — Sufra. In light of this year’s unfortunate events, we decided to put on our positive hats and make 2020 unforgettable for the all the right reasons. And there was only one way we could think of to make a difference — by giving back.

    Our face coverings

    charity face covering

    As the world began to change and face coverings became necessary, our designers set out to create a product for charity that was not only practical but sustainable too. They designed vibrant face coverings crafted from the ends of our fabric rolls, meaning each piece still had our Yumi stamp of approval, but was, most importantly, planet friendly.

    With every sale of our face coverings, we donated £1 to Sufra, a London charity local to our Head Office.

    About Sufra

    Established in 2013, Sufra offers a lifeline for people who are vulnerable, homeless, living in extreme poverty and are socially isolated. They not only provide food, but their support extends to empowering guests to learn new skills and improve their wellbeing, with the hope of them find work and becoming financially stable.

    Where we are now

    So far (as of November 2020), we have raised a massive £4,300 of our £10,000 target. But, our mission isn’t over yet and we’d love your help to reach our goal.

    If you’d like to donate directly to Sufra, please follow this link, or shop our face coverings here.

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