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    Yumi Loves Winter: Get Blogger Girl vs Globe’s Look

    December 30, 2015

    Sabina wears gold spot pleated midi skirt, eyelash knit cropped jumper, dip-dye faux fur coat

    Blogger Sabina Trojanova scours the globe for style inspiration on her blog, GirlvsGlobe.

    Here, she tells us all about what she’s discovered and confesses her Yumi obsession.

    How would you describe your autumn/winter style?

    In the winter I go straight for fluffy faux fur and big chunky knits. It’s all about layering, interesting textures and lots of colour – I refuse to be part of the grey masses!

    Who are your biggest influences when it comes to the way you dress?

    As a full-time blogger I spend a huge portion of every day online, which is why most of my inspiration comes from social media. I love following other fashion bloggers and drawing inspiration from their outfits.

    Have you always been passionate about clothes?

    Absolutely. My great-grandmother was a professional (and incredible) seamstress and she passed a lot of her knowledge onto my mum, who then instilled her love of clothes in me. I was definitely the best-dressed toddler in my town!

    Where would you wear your Yumi look?

    I’ve worn it everywhere – it’s even joined me on a little hike in the Scottish Highlands which you can see on the pictures.


    What do you love about Yumi?

    I’m going to repeat exactly what I said for the #Yumi30DaysofSummer campaign because it still rings so true – I love the general Yumi aesthetic, especially all those cute dresses.

    The cuts are always fun and flattering but never too revealing, which makes them perfect for any environment. You could easily wear an outfit from Yumi to an office or to school, but also to a party – it makes transforming your look from day to night an absolute breeze!

    What are your favourite trends for AW15?

    My favourite is an oldie but a goodie – deep rich bordeaux tones that make you feel all warm on the inside. Other than that, fluffy coats are an AW staple for me and it’s nice to see them getting so much attention this year. I’ve been loving ponchos as well, although I need a good pair of heels to pull them off as I’m only 5’3”!

    What are your essential autumn/winter style tips?

    Layering and keeping warm! I know I sound like someone’s mother now (my own!) but nothing spoils a beautiful outfit quicker than a runny nose. Oh, and don’t forget a nice bag which you can easily access while wearing gloves.

    What are your favourite pieces from the Yumi AW15 collection?

    Aside from the pieces I incorporated in my outfit, I love the owl and flower print midi dress and the check print tailored coat. Both are very wearable, but also unique, memorable and immensely flattering. Oh, and don’t forget the snowman embroidered jumper – how fun!


    Where would you say is an amazing place to live?

    Although I’m not from there, I’m going to tell you about winter in Russia where I lived for one year – the country and winter are so closely linked that it’s hard to think about one without the other! Russia can be a difficult place to live sometimes, but it’s a stunning country with a lot to offer. It’s not a major tourist destination so if you want a place that will challenge and toughen you while also charming you and opening your eyes to things you’d never seen before, Russia should be a strong candidate.

    How would you describe the country’s winter style?

    Huge fur coats and hats (and sadly not always faux), killer high heels and surprisingly short skirts – in Moscow anyway.

    Where would you recommend visiting?

    If you like art and stunning architecture, I’d recommend visiting St Petersburg. The Hermitage museum is one of the best in the world and the Winter Palace cannot fail to charm! The city also has a wonderful foodie scene – don’t forget to visit Yeliseev’s Food Hall for intricate cakes and luxuriant hot chocolate.

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